Woah! Valve made from a cow’s heart saves an 81-year-old woman from Hyderabad

In a major medical procedure, an 81-year-old woman in Chennai was given a new lease of life after doctors replaced her leaking heart valve with one made from a cow’s heart through a catheter.
According to reports, the patient from Hyderabad was suffering from a severe heart disease. She had undergone a valve replacement surgery eleven years ago but her condition worsened in the first few months of 2015 after the valves narrowed over time.
According to reports in TOI, the patient complained of severe breathlessness and repeated hospital admissions in April and the test results showed that her replaced aortic valve was narrow.
The path-breaking surgery, which lasted over over three hours, was performed by a four-member team at the Frontier Lifeline Hospitals in Chennai last Saturday, reports CNN IBN. The procedure was an alternative to open heart surgery for patients who have severe aortic valve stenosis are a part of the high surgical risk group, reports TOI.
The doctors removed the diseased valve and replaced it with a new bioprosthetic heart valve that was made from a cow.
According to TV reports, the procedure was a difficult one as the woman had also undergone treatment for breast cancer a few years ago.

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